Cleaning Company Waltham Forest

Cleaning Company Waltham Forest

Fast Cleaners is a fully accredited and insured cleaning company located in the Waltham Forest area in London.

In an unlikely event that an item gets damaged while cleaning is in progress, we will ensure that the item is repaired or replaced whichever is more convenient. This is however on condition that the issue is reported to us in 24 hours after our cleaning.

Our cleaning company accepts no responsibility on the part of failure on any inventory check after the cleaning has been completed. We strongly advise our customer care representative to be around when the cleaning is being completed. This will ensure a thorough on site inspection. Any valuables like jewellery, fragile items as well as cash should be well secured prior to the cleaning process.

We strongly encourage customers to make an advance payment arrangement which could be through bank transfer or cash at completion of the job.

Fast Cleaners Waltham Forest does not assume any responsibility for: badly fitted carpets or any that have shrunk; any damaged upholstery after all the right cleaning instructions have been undertaken, any damaged locks or lost keys, a cleaning job that was not completed as a result of lack of hot water or power surges; any presence of a third party at the customer’s premises during the time of cleaning, exaggerated wear of fabrics especially after stubborn dirt has been removed; failure to get rid of old and permanent stains which have clearly been worked on using standard carpet cleaning methods; current damage and spilled liquid stains that cannot be removed with the standard carpet cleaning equipment.

All clients willing to book regular domestic cleaning with must sign a contract with us. Providing false information on the property size or the cleaning required will result in the customer being asked to pay the revised price for the cleaning. If the customer is not comfortable with the new price, he/she may opt to cancel the service and he/she must pay a penalty tax for the initial price of booking the service.

To know more about our cleaning prices, call us on 020 3322 7002.

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